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Tips for enriching your parrots life and preventing boredom, screaming and feather plucking.

Progress update

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I haven’t updated the blog in awhile and I have so much to report! I’ve met many of my goals and come up with a lot of new ones. Here’s what new with us: We officially adopted Data, formerly knows as Jazzy. We figured he deserved a new name for his new life. We’d like to thank Phoenix Landing for all that they do and for helping us find this little guy. He is quite […]

Data’s new tricks

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Black Headed Caique / Data / Parrot Trick Training

I’ve been working with the boys quite a bit lately but something always seems to go wrong with my video. Luckily, things have been going much better with the Caiques than with my technical skills. Jazzy in particular has made great strides. His focus has improved leaps and bounds. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been working on: Stepping into a backpack carrier Jazzy is scared of the carrier so I’m using my arm as […]

Rueben goes on a field trip!

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Parrot Enrichment / Rueben / White Bellied Caique

The first year that I adopted Rue, I used to take him on field trips regularly. Over time I started taking him with me less and less. The past couple of years we’ve only gone somewhere together during trips to the vet. Not ideal. So when the opportunity presented itself to take Rue with me to visit a friend I hopped right on it. Since Rue hasn’t been on an outing in awhile I asked […]

Perfectionism and Data’s adventures in retrieving

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Black Headed Caique / Data / Parrot Enrichment / Parrot Trick Training

I have a confession to make. I am a perfectionist. I have never kept up with writing in the past because it took me forever to get a “perfect” outcome.  First, I would spend hours writing something that seemed smart, funny, and interesting. Then, I would have a copy editor proof it. Don’t even get me started on how long it took me to edit videos, pictures, etc. The outcome? I never posted anything online […]

Rueben’s goals

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I’ve trained Rueben to do a lot of tricks but desperately needed help teaching him to hang out on play stands instead of my head. I don’t want to gloss over how much Rue likes to fly to and hang out on my head because it is a real problem. Is there a head-obsessed anonymous group he can join? When he wasn’t getting much out-of-his-cage-time because of this undesirable habit I decided to seek out […]