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How to teach your parrot to fly indoors.

Improving Data’s flying skills

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This week I started working on improving Jazzy’s flying ability. Daunting for an uncoordinated lady with two left feet? Yes, but I’ve seen firsthand how much it has helped Rueben and I want Jazzy to be able to enjoy the same benefits that come from doing what he was born to do. There are lots of ways to teach this skill but I’m just going to focus on what has worked well for me. Here’s […]

Data’s goals

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For the past 2 months we have been fostering a 13-year-old Black-Headed Caique named Jazz. We’re his 4th home in a 6-month period and he had a hard time transitioning when he first arrived. I wish I had started this blog back then because documenting his progress would have been really useful. The good news is we still have plenty to work on and blog about. In the interest of keeping myself on track here […]